T'ajudem a decidir els estudis


Talenn is a counseling company with offices in Barcelona, Mataró  and Girona  aimed to help students decide which degree in which university will suit them better. 

We have been working since 2010 to provide the best counselling service so that students can enjoy their way through university.

Talenn helps you plan your future higher education by providing the right information (entry requirements, exchange programs, scholarships) before being admitted into University. 

In Spain 70% of university students would make up their minds about their career choice, if they could decide again. The drop-out rate is growing year after year and we don't want this happening to you.

For this reason it is important to get the advice of an independent counsellor  as this decision will determine important aspects of your future. 

That is why, choosing the right university and the right degree are very important decisions in your life, because they will determine not only your performance but also friends, jobs, salary and job satisfaction.


Choosing the right Degree and the right University is something you will do once in a lifetime. We help students make the right decision everyday so that you have all the relevant information before you make the final decision. 

There is a lot of  information on the internet about universities. After a while they will look all the same to you, promising the best education, showing similar statistics, and offering the best exchange programs.

Although they all look similar, your educational experience may vary considerable if you don't choose wisely. That is why asking for independent counseling advice now is very useful. We know all about  degrees and have further information to let us compare different university programs and find the perfect fit for you.

Talenn methodology is precise,  affordable and always on a one-to-one basis. 

 With  Talenn counselling:

  • You will discover your talents before choosing your undergraduate university program 
  • You will discover which national or international university programs fits you best
  • You will study something that will be your passion 
  • You will apply for the best possible undergraduate programs according to your grades
  • You will have the chance to study in universities around the world (US, Canada, Europe & Asia)

But above all, Talenn will  help you decide which undergraduate program and which university  will fulfill your expectations.

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