Your Bachelor's Degree 

Choosing a Bachelor's degree is not an easy task, that is why only 30% of university students are really satisfied with their studies, the rest would have changed if they had known better.
It is a very important decision in a student's life as it determines not only the knowledge that he will have, but also the contacts, friendships and future jobs. 

Statistics show that only 30% of college students are satisfied with their choice. That is why it is so important that an education professional advises you before taking this great decision that involves spending 4 years of your life, as well as 10,000 to 60,000 €.


Talenn is a university-oriented company with offices in Barcelona, ​​Mataró and Gerona in order to help students decide which university degree and which university are the best according to their profile, with the guarantee of more than 5,000 interviews with students from around the world (United States, England, Venezuela, China ).

Since 2010 we have provided students with the information they need to make the best decision making their university experience the best in their lives.

Talenn has developed a reliable and cost-effective methodology to help you make your first big decision. A decision that you must take very young but that will define many things in your life. 


When you search information in University webpages around the globe they rarely mention their drop-out rate, everything they show is so positive and extraordinary, just to make students dreams even bigger. But at the end of their degree some student's dreams won't make true because of lack of information.

If I had known.... Maybe I took the wrong degree, mum....

In the first year of the race, 20% of students drop out. As it is a very high number and we do not want that to happening to you, we have designed an economic and reliable methodology that allows us to do a personalized study and know which studies are the best for you based on your talents.
As not all universities are the same, we recommend the one that best suits your, and we explain step by step the admission process.

Given that the University is investing between 10,000 and 60,000 eur in training and that one in three students drop out of school, you have to plan properly the investment in time and money that the University supposes today.