Talenn is a company created 8 years ago that brings together professionals who help you decide which Degree and University are the best for you.

Our reputation is based on:

  • Confidence - 90% families asked for counselling again
  • International - more than 3.000 universities worldwide
  • Independence - we value universities far beyond the ranking criteria

Our best guarantee is the fact that 90% of families have taken all their children, given the positive results obtained and the degree of detail of the orientation.
Talenn selects those professionals who are not only graduates in their field but who have passed the Talenn selection process that determines superior qualities in the development of their work. Logically, because of privacy issues, the list of collaborators is not public.

To get to know all the higher education offer worldwide we work with a network of  professionals stablished locally in every country. Every year we visit universities around the world to learn about different university systems and can recommend the best for you, whether you want to study in your country or abroad. 

For this reason we have been in 2016 the company nº1 for career counselling in Catalonia.

We currently have offices in Barcelona, ​​Mataró and Girona although we offer our counselling service via Skype all over the world.

 With more than 5,000 interviews, we have aimed at students of all ages, from the age of 15, to professionals with a long professional background but who require guidance throughout their professional career. 

Ignasi Pineda as Director of Talenn coordinates a multidisciplinary team of professionals in the field of Education, Psychology and Counselling in order to detect the talent of those who want to be active in the labour market.
A brief summary of his professional career is placed on the right hand side.